Graphic & video boards

Keep your sports center up to date and ready for the future with a high quality video screen solution. Video screens are input flexible – able to project video, pictures, scoreboard, power point presentations, web-streaming ,etc.

A video screen in combination with a scoreboard will give you the possibility of showing profiles of your players, showing replays or broadcasting general information and sponsor advertisement - all in all, improving the spectator experience.

Nautronic offers a complete solution of video integration in the scoreboard, with an easy to use software for the screen, so you are up and running with live images in no time. Alternatively, a full LED video screen can be used as a scoreboard, all you need for this, is our FIBA approved graphic scoreboard software.

Nautronic even provides the possibility of exporting the game data for broadcasting. For advice for your specific project – please contact our sales department

Please go to our references for more on video boards, or log in to our media library to download the data sheet.