Scoreboard system from before 2010

NT Control Panel Troubleshooting

Power LED ON

  • If wired connect NT Control Panel to the Scoreboard.
  • If wireless, turn the NT Control Panel ON.
  • If the NT Control Panel dose not respond and the Displays do
    not show text, the NT Control Panel is damaged and must be
    sent to repair.


NT Control Panel – Cabled:

  • Check the Cable connected between the Scoreboard system and the NT Control Panel.
  • Check the Wall connector.

NT Control Panel – Wireless:

  • Exchange the battery charger. Let the wireless NT Control Panel charge for approximately 30 minutes.

NTPULT and scoreboard Troubleshooting

In the bottom of the scoreboard 5 LED’s are installed, they have the following functions:

GREEN 1 (F1)

If it is not illuminated, then check:

  • 230VAC connection
  • 230VAC fuse (F1). Plaved in the 230VAC power socket.

GREEN 2 (F2)

If it does not illuminate and the 230VAC LED illuminates, then check:

  • Fuse (F2)

GREEN 3 (F3)

Illuminates if the connection to the console and the controller in the scoreboard are intact. If it does not illuminate then check;

  • Fuse (F3).
  • If the fuse blows again it may be due to a short-circuit or wrong connection in the cable between scoreboard and console.    Alternatively a short-circuit in the console itself.

NauNet LED:
green RED fault

Flashes when communicating with the console. If the three LED’s illuminates, and the red one does not flash, there is a fault     in the communication between the console and the scoreboard. Possible faults:

  • Console not connected.
  • Breakage or short-circuit in the NET cable.
  • Switched wires in the NET cable.
  • Fault in NT-CONSOLE.
  • Fault in NC. (Board controller)

NauLink LED:

Flashes to indicate that the controller in the scoreboard (NC) is active, and that the internal communication to the figures is running. If the three green LED’s are illuminating, and the yellow does not flash, there is a fault in the controller (NC).

LED in the console:

Illuminates when the supply to the console are OK.
If it is not illuminated:

  • Check F3 fuse.
  • Possible breakage on NET cable.

If it is illuminated but the displays in the console does not show anything:

  • Internal fault in the NT-console.

If all LED’s in the scoreboard illuminates and flashes as they are supposed to do and the console works – but the scoreboard nothing shows when a sport activity is selected, then check if the wires from pin 2 and 3 in the NET IN is connected correctly to the console.

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