New released: Table Scoreboard, NB1400

The NB1400 is a new released Table Scoreboard. It is a versatile and practical Table Scoreboard that can meet different sports and training needs. In addition to the mentioned sports such as basketball, tennis, karate, wrestling, handball, volleyball, badminton, floorball, table tennis, padel and boxing, it also has a function for interval training with program timer and stop watch.

Having a portable Scoreboard like the NB1400 allows for flexibility and convenience. It can be easily transported to different places, which makes it ideal for outdoor events or situations where you don’t have access to a traditional sports facility, e.g. for sports days at school or in the association. However, you must be aware that it cannot be used in rainy weather.

For using the NB1400 in Basketball you must handle the match by 2 persons which is very easy with this NB1400. 1 person can handle the match time, point etc. by App and another person can handle the Shot Clock by the Remote Control or by a Keypad.

The NB1400 offers a user-friendly experience by providing multiple operating options, including app control, remote control and control panel. This makes it easy for users to interact with the Table Scoreboard and adapt it to their needs and preferences. At the same time, the match experience is optimized for players and spectators, as it can be placed in the most optimal place for the view of them.

NB1400 can hit a wide target audience.

High quality LED Scoreboards

For almost three decades we have supplied the world of sports with high quality user friendly products to rely on.

In Skanderborg, Denmark we are working on a daily basis to develop, design and produce high quality products to our loyal customers.

Why choose Nautronic scoreboards

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Our boards are installed in more than 90 countries

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Our flexible production and in house development enables us to modify and adapt scoreboards to fit exactly your needs and expectations. 

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