About us

Nautronic is a world leading scoreboard provider. For almost three decades we have supplied the world of sports with high quality user friendly products to rely on. In Skanderborg, Denmark we are working on a daily basis to develop, design and produce high quality products to our loyal customers.

How we work

We are striving day by day to ensure the very best quality in our scoreboards and scorekeeping solutions, always looking out into the world for inspiration on the features of tomorrow’s sporting equipment.

Our development department is aiming for the goal at all times but never losing the vision of sight to develop the scoreboards and solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients and meet the challenges and changes of the future.

Our production department is optimizing all tasks to ensure that efficiency in production goes hand in hand with well-tested quality scoreboards providing our customers with the best experience once goods are received.

Our administration and sales department are taking care of swift service and caring for our clients’ need for information. Any questions we aim to answer rapidly and thoroughly so our clients rely on our expertise when taking their decisions.

Our technical department is constantly developing new information sheets to help you help yourself and enable quick and effective repairs and spare part deliveries.

Expertise and quality lies deep in our company, with many years of experience and development. We are ISO.9001 certified and we are a FIBA partner, which is our dedication to ensure quality.

Our aim

All in all our teams work together going mercilessly after high quality products, sold with expert guidance and packed in comforting service along the process.

Should you have any ideas for improvement on our part please share your ideas and help us.