This document applies to the distributors of Nautronic A/S.


All products, manufactured by Nautronic A/S, are warranted 24 months from our registered date of delivery. The warranty covers defects of quality that are not due to normal wear and tear or wrongful use. The warranty covers the spare parts and freight expenses from Nautronic to customer, apart from express freight. Working hours are not included.


Defective spare parts must be returned within 3 weeks from our registered date of delivery to Nautronic A/S in Skanderborg, Denmark. If they are not, the forwarded spare parts will be invoiced at the normal price.


The diodes are warranted for 10 years. The warranty is not valid in case of natural light reduction of the diodes. The warranty is annulled in case of physical damage.


If new international sport regulations come into force before the scoreboard is delivered to the purchaser and the adjustment cannot be made in the control panel menu, then the purchaser can order a software upgrade for free within a year from delivery of the scoreboard.


The warranty does not cover the fuses or the replacement of these.


If the customer rebuilds a scoreboard without the acceptance of Nautronic A/S, the warranty is annulled.


The warranty is only valid on condition that the product is installed and used correctly and in accordance with instructions.


Nautronic is not responsible for loss of profit, loss of time, indirect losses or other financial losses.


Without any delay from receipt, the purchaser has to go through the delivery to assure that it is consistent with the ordered goods.


The purchaser can only claim compensation for defects, if the claim is presented without any delay after the receipt of the delivery.

Orgalime S2000 shall apply to all orders in the absence of any other agreement made in writing between the parties.