Nautronic scoreboards and displays are built to be seen from various distances and always creating the best visibility for the spectators. If you need advice on how to create the best visibility for your spectators please see below or contact the Nautronic sales department.

Several issues impact on the visibility of a display. Some of them are the height of the characters/digits, the distance between the lines of characters (leading), the brightness of the display and the viewing angle.

Character height

When choosing a character height it should be considered how far away the spectators will be.

Characters tend to be visible at a longer distance than digits.


The leading is considered carefully in the design process of the scoreboards to obtain the perfect visibility for the spectators.


The brightness and the contrast have a high impact on the visibility. Nautronic scoreboards have a large number of diodes per digit ensuring clear digits that can easily be seen.

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Viewing angle

The LEDs used in Nautronic scoreboards are very strong due to SMD technology applied.

The viewing angle is 170 degrees due to the brightness of the LEDs and the non-reflective acrylic front plates.

Outdoor scoreboards can be supplied with an additional light sensor to dim the lights according to the surrounding daylight level.