NB1400 Table Scoreboard

It has the opportunity to select between different sports. You can count the score by an App (Android / IOS) which make the experience for both players and spectators very good.

It is portable, light weight and very easy to handle.

Weight 7,2 kg
Dimensions 57 × 18 × 36 cm
Game clock (99:59)

13 cm – white

Team scores (199-199)

11 cm – white

Team foul (9)

7,5 cm – amber / red

Shot statistics

7,5 cm – amber / red

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    The Nautronic Multi-sports Timer & Scoreboard is a table model which is easy to handle. The table model can be used for most sports. It also has a program timer, stop watch and clock.
    The scoreboard can be controlled via app from iPhone/Android/Tablet, from the Back Control Panel and Remote Control.

    Can be used for ex:
    Basketball, Karate, Handball, Volleyball, Badminton, Tabletennis, Tennis, Boxing, Wrestling, Padel Tennis

    Additional purchase:
    NB1450: Shot Clocks (set of two) 50 meter of cable included. Digits: 26 cm
    NB1400-s: Stand for NB 1400 and NB1450