NHA2121 Scoreboard

It shows the score (for home and guest), the match time and the time-outs (red dots).

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 150 × 67 × 8 cm
Time out

Red dots

Readability (m)

120 meter

Power cons. (max/average)


Power supply placement


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    Handheld remote control

    All Nautronic remote controls communicate via radio frequences ‒ 2,4 GHz ‒ for high speed, no noise communication. Radio frequences also enable up to 8 systems to function in a single sports centre using different channels.

    Nacon 10...

    …especially developed high speed, high security, easy-to-use handheld remote controls for Nautronic scoreboards.

    NAUCON-10 Highlights

    • Handy in size
    • Use standard batteries (no charging)
    • Instantly wakes up when operated and goes back to sleep mode immediately after operation to save power
    • Have low sleep power level to ensure operation for 3 years (or pressing the buttons 80,000 times) between battery changes
    • Have a range of approx. 100 m in direct and free line of sight
    • Have service light