Nautronic Scoreboard System is a wide range of high quality time measurement and score keeping equipment suiting any size of sports centre. Nautronic multisport scoreboards are pre-programmed for 18 different sports ‒ always operated from the same easy-to-use control panel and always kept up to date with official rules from the respective international sports federations.

Strong body – long life

Nautronic scoreboards are built in a strong yet light aluminum
housing with black acrylic front plates for timeless design and ex-
quisite finish. The front plates have been tested according to DIN 18032-3 standards (safety against ball throwing) and the LEDs used in the board are high power, 10 year warranty LEDs. All of this guarantees high mechanical strength in a maintenance free scoreboard designed for a service life of 10-15 years.

Be seen

Nautronic scoreboards are sure to be seen with their unique digit-
sizes and magnificently clear LEDs – visibility from all distances is available when choosing a Nautronic scoreboard. Text displays in many sizes also make sure your messages get across.

Come rain – come shine

Nautronic scoreboards are equally manufactured for outdoor facilities and suited for warm/cold and dry/humid climates. The high power LEDs ensure perfect visibility – also in direct sunlight and even from an angle of up to 170°.

Like no other

By choosing a Nautronic scoreboard you will get a scoreboard like no other. A high quality electronical product that leaves our factory well-tested for your enjoyment and ease. A scoreboard that fulfills the needs of today’s sport competitions and is ready for tomorrow’s challenges as well. An easy-to-use, maintenance free scoreboard in a timeless design. A scoreboard that makes it clear why Nautronic scoreboards are so well reputed throughout the world.