NX33040-00 Scoreboard

It shows the match time, score (for home and guest), period (yellow), time-out (red dots),  individual player no. (yellow), individual player score (red), individual player fouls (dots). individual player names, team foul (0-4).

Weight 271 kg
Dimensions 650 × 270 × 8 cm
Team scores (199-199):

33 cm – red

Period (9):

26 cm – yellow

Game Clock (99:59):

33 cm – red

Time out:

Red dots

Individual player number:

16 cm yellow

Individual player score:

16 red

Individual player fouls:


Individual player names:

15 cm / 12 characters

Team foul (0-4 red square):

26 cm yellow

Team Text line:

15 cm red, 20 characters

Naucon-1000 control panel:


Weight (net/packed):

271/487 kg

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    With this control panel, usability has been taken to a higher level

    The new generation of control panels

    NAUCON-1000 comes with a full color touch screen developed for the new generation of Nautronic scoreboards making it easier to install, operate and maintain.

    NAUCON-1000 feature highlights

    • 5.7” graphical display with full color touch screen showing preview images of the board
    • Touch keyboard for easy operation
    • Get diagnostic info from connected scoreboards and test available input and outputs
    • Expected battery life time under normal operation => 12 hours
    • Battery level indicator
    • Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery
    • Charging time is about 5 hours
    • Communication can be wired or wireless on 2.45GHz
    • Cable connection with mini XLR
    • Wireless communication can send up to 100 meters in free line of sight
    • Export the game log to a USB flash key
    • Import team and player names from excel into the NAUCON-1000
    • One NAUCON-1000 can control up to 4 scoreboards in one area (in a group or separately)